“When you’re waging unconventional warfare (and it‘s only unconventional to those on whom the war is being waged, and this war is being waged on the American Public), what you do is you put your operatives in that in-between space (i.e. Social Media / Twitter). If you have a democracy, or what little remains of it, and you want to have a system of governance based on facts and rule of law, it’s essential that you have access to the facts in order to have informed consent – in order to know who to vote for, what to embraces, that sort of thing. So what this group did, this syndicate, is they focused an enormous amount of attention focusing on media. If you focus on advancing a narrative through dominance in the media, pop culture, politics, think tanks, and education, then you can induce people to embrace a narrative that they themselves can’t really see that they’re embracing because it’s the screen, the sort of frame from which they now perceive their world. So, you’ll notice how we seamlessly segwayed between a Cold War fighting against ‘people who hate our values,’ to a ‘War on Terror’ fighting against ‘people who hate our values.’" Jeff Gates


The REAL Rigged Election 2016

Both American Media and International Media have failed to understand, investigate, and report on the significant development of this evident and obvious “regime change” operation that has changed the face of the Middle East (and seeks to do the same with the rest of the world), but it has worked quite effectively. This ‘remote control coup’ strategy is now being applied to the United States. The only way to conceivably avoid the same sliding disaster so many other countries are currently suffering is to finally – understand and explain to the American people, how they are being used against their own self-interest.

How Peaceful Protest becomes Riot

What has so dramatically changed in literally just a few years? Black people have always been outraged over these events and have always ‘protested,’ and it has rarely amounted to anything at all. Now, after every one of these events a ‘virtual’ army marches on Social Media, and ‘protests’ designed to turn into riot are scheduled and executed with tactical precision. There will be concerted effort to turn this killing into reason for yet another series of violent protest across this country.

Myth of Spontaneous Grassroots Protest

We are to believe that the enslaved masses have suddenly risen up in a spontaneous awakening and collectively decided to overthrow capitalism and virtually all world governments, and have miraculously (and leaderlessly) managed to develop tactics to confound and evade every Government and Law Enforcement agency on the planet.  Nice movie plot (in fact it pretty much comes from the same movie the masks do), but after examining Twitter API data, it’s not even remotely plausible.

Espionage, cyber terrorism, fake social media support, endless disinformation and defamatory memes, voter suppression, and voting machines running decades-old software, made this latest actual ‘rigged election’ a reality.

For eight years, media has remained oblivious as elections worldwide have been manipulated, countries have been methodically divided, and governments toppled using a relatively simple strategy, and now it is being used against the United States. Instead of investigating, understanding, and exposing this clear and present danger to the United States, all they do is provide sportscaster commentary about it – as this operation wreaks the same kind of havoc on this country, as it has so many others.

It wouldn’t be hard for these journalists to see the pattern, if they would simply look. For the last eight years, these journalists were cheerleading for “peaceful protest” against governments and so-called “rigged election” allegations in a host of countries, but they aren’t covering the aftermath of these supposed “spontaneous uprisings.” All of these countries who were suddenly and methodically ‘organized’ into opposing forces that toppled their own governments, are suddenly, and methodically operating bases for terrorism and anarchy.

How this is accomplished is simple. By influencing, manipulating, and controlling (as Defense Secretary Robert Gates called them) the “people in-between.”