“When you’re waging unconventional warfare (and it‘s only unconventional to those on whom the war is being waged, and this war is being waged on the American Public), what you do is you put your operatives in that in-between space (i.e. Social Media / Twitter). If you have a democracy, or what little remains of it, and you want to have a system of governance based on facts and rule of law, it’s essential that you have access to the facts in order to have informed consent – in order to know who to vote for, what to embraces, that sort of thing. So what this group did, this syndicate, is they focused an enormous amount of attention focusing on media. If you focus on advancing a narrative through dominance in the media, pop culture, politics, think tanks, and education, then you can induce people to embrace a narrative that they themselves can’t really see that they’re embracing because it’s the screen, the sort of frame from which they now perceive their world. So, you’ll notice how we seamlessly segwayed between a Cold War fighting against ‘people who hate our values,’ to a ‘War on Terror’ fighting against ‘people who hate our values.’" Jeff Gates


These tactics and destabilization methods will look very familiar to anyone in law enforcement who has had any dealing with “Peaceful Protest” operations. Particularly if you were involved in any of the (planned) outbreaks of violence. No matter how many people call for unity, togetherness, and peace, we already see these same methods (throwing rocks / concrete, burning tires, Molotov cocktails, blocking off roadways and highways to cut off communities and #ShutItDown) continue to steadily increase. It is not by accident, it is by design, and until law enforcement becomes educated in the methods and tactics being employed again them (in every country), they will continue to be ineffective at predicting, defusing, and most importantly, isolating the real handlers and perpetrators of this perpetual incitement and destabilization methodology. I urge any and all in law enforcement to contact the team and begin your education.

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