“When you’re waging unconventional warfare (and it‘s only unconventional to those on whom the war is being waged, and this war is being waged on the American Public), what you do is you put your operatives in that in-between space (i.e. Social Media / Twitter). If you have a democracy, or what little remains of it, and you want to have a system of governance based on facts and rule of law, it’s essential that you have access to the facts in order to have informed consent – in order to know who to vote for, what to embraces, that sort of thing. So what this group did, this syndicate, is they focused an enormous amount of attention focusing on media. If you focus on advancing a narrative through dominance in the media, pop culture, politics, think tanks, and education, then you can induce people to embrace a narrative that they themselves can’t really see that they’re embracing because it’s the screen, the sort of frame from which they now perceive their world. So, you’ll notice how we seamlessly segwayed between a Cold War fighting against ‘people who hate our values,’ to a ‘War on Terror’ fighting against ‘people who hate our values.’" Jeff Gates


If you are reading this sentence, ask yourself this simple question: “Do you really want to understand how terrorism works?” There is perfectly logical reason why all of these terrorism and mass shooting events are so similar, are so ‘conveniently’ timed, are so sophisticated, and all collectively perpetuate a very particular meme… but in order to really understand this methodology, you will have open your mind. If you are in media or law enforcement, I beseech you to expand your perspective. Two days ago, I said this:

“What has so dramatically changed in literally just a few years? Black people have always been outraged over these incidents, and have always ‘protested,’ and it has rarely amounted to anything at all. Now, like clockwork, after every one of these events a ‘virtual’ army marches on Social Media, and ‘protests’ designed to turn into riot are scheduled and executed with tactical precision. You can be sure, there will be concerted effort to turn this killing into reason for yet another series of violent protest across this country.

What has changed, is that the “#BlackLivesMatter issue, has been coopted and repurposed as yet another motivational meme for destabilizing this country. Anyone who has been paying attention at all has surely noticed that these days (regardless of the protest cause), at some point almost all ‘modern’ protests morph into organized ‘uprising’ and destabilization of the city they are protesting in.

As is always the case, you’ll get to see it for yourself. The authorities in Baton Rouge have already turned this investigation over to Federal Civil Rights investigators, in effort to stem the coming ‘outrage.’ It won’t make any difference. The State Authorities and the family of Alton Sterling are unified in pleading with people to remain peaceful. It won’t make any difference. Those who intend to use this incident to foment violence don’t care about these pleas at all, and will methodically try to turn this incident into another #Ferguson or #Baltimore level ‘uprising’ with the singular intent of weakening / destabilizing another American city. The wrongful killing of Black People in this country is always a tragedy. The fact that Black people are used and victimized like this, after already being victimized, makes this new methodology of victimization – that much more revolting.”

How did I know this before the #DallasPoliceShooting happened? Because we’ve seen it literally hundreds of times in the last decade, and instead of seeing the deliberate pattern that predictably has the same results, media (and society in general) continue to try to evaluate these events ‘individually’ based the ‘evidence’ that intentionally and tactically left for them to find. Evaluating these events based on the conveniently left evidence (without any mention ever of encrypted, untraceable, darkweb applications that have clearly evolved beyond law enforcement’s understanding), is precisely what the handlers want you to do.

Let’s look at a very simple set of objectives.

1.      Find an issue or incident that will provoke social outrage to capitalize on. (example)

2.      Use developed “Artificial Social Media Population” to widely spread the issue and force it to trend. (more)

3.      Fuel both sides of the issue with hateful and angry propaganda to create division and hatred.

4.      Organize Nationwide “Peaceful Protest” simultaneously (again – often both sides).

5.      Foment / instigate clashes at these “Peaceful Protests” (between individual groups and with law enforcement) and use them as cover for terror ops. (more)

6.      Use the resulting tension from these continuing and building events to divide and destabilize the society.

We’ve seen this same methodology applied 1000 times in the last decade, and media, law enforcement, and society fail to make the connection from event to event. Where have we seen it before you ask? We’ve seen it all throughout #ArabSpring (#Yemen #Feb03, #Syria #Feb05, #Algeria #Feb12, #Bahrain #Feb14, #Libya #Feb17, #Morocco #Feb20, #Cameroon #Feb23, #Iran #Feb22, #Kuwait, #Mar8, Map) as it marched across the Middle East getting citizens to topple their own countries, and we see it throughout every “#Occupy” type operation that destabilized and toppled countries like Ukraine.

Occupy Wall Street

“While Occupy Wall Street can attribute much of its virality to near constant media coverage over the past few weeks, it’s impossible to gauge its success without looking to Twitter. It all started with a single hashtag, #OccupyWallStreet, on July 15, 2011.

Though the movement didn’t pick up speed until sponsors like hacker group Anonymous began lobbying in August, the hashtag still managed 43,303 mentions before protesters even hit the streets on September 17. As a contrast, CNN only posted one article mentioning the movement before the protests began. Since then, Twitter’s role in Occupy Wall Street has increased exponentially. Mentions of the #OccupyWallStreet and #ows hashtags have grown nearly 5900% in the month since September 17, with over 2.6 million total tweets (2,605,021 at the time we did our research) under their collective belt.

And it didn’t stop there. Countless other hashtags spawned after #OccupyWallStreet, from a more 140-character friendly #ows to city-specific hashtags like #occupyportland and #occupyatlanta. Even spoof hashtags such as #occupycouch and #occupykitchen have made tens of thousands of impressions. If that wasn’t enough, scores of new accounts have also launched to spread up-to-the-minute news and announcements regarding the movement.”

Another astonishing blank spot is society’s collective consciousness, is the total absence of awareness of what has happened to these countries – after their so-called “liberation?” This “Peaceful Protest” methodology that has been marketed and sold to the populace as “grassroots will of the people” has not produced any Utopian societies after the citizens destroy their own systems of government and security. In fact, exactly the opposite.

Almost every country toppled by (or attacked by) Arab Spring and Occupy has turned into host country for terrorist development. Any one recall how this country (and the world) was duped into supporting the “Peaceful Protests” (all of which turned into violent government overthrow attempts) in Libya and Syria? Why is it that people don’t make the connection that these countries are now operational bases for ISIS and a host of other off-shoot terrorist ‘Brands’ of this methodology? Each time we were told we had to bomb and invade these country for their ‘freedom,’ and each time all the people got was destruction and highly sophisticated terrorist control of their country instead.

Libya's Arab spring: the revolution that ate its children

As difficult as it may be for people to grasp or accept, this country is under exactly the same kind of attack. Taking just the issues of the last three days (two Black men killed by police, and this ‘convenient’ snipper operation), it’s easy to see the deliberate and continuing effort to foment racial division, and foment conflict (and literal war) between Black people – and the police. Does anyone think it’s “normal” or “coincidence” that the recent slew of shooters have gone out of their way to announce their “acting alone” and to parrot common motivational memes?

This is no different than the overthrow of any Middle East government we’ve seen… although people perpetually ignore it. Take the most disenfranchised segment of a society, fuel it’s fear and rage, turn it into a guerrilla force against its own country, and breakdown the country from within. This is what these operations are intended to do, and have done all over the planet. The event’s in Ferguson, Baltimore, and now Dallas, show exactly the same pattern.

As I said above, these psychological operations fuel both sides of any given conflict, but more accurately they fuel all sides of every conflict. When a police chief on CNN voices concerns that this snipper attack was fueled by all of the negativity being generated and perpetuated against the police, first of all – that is exactly what he is supposed to think, and it’s supposed to further divide the police and the Black community, and is intended to stoke fear – but second of all, he’s entirely correct. When a Black person voices concern about the rift between “Black justice” and “White justice” at the hands of the police and the 500-year-old problem of systemic racism, they are right as well. Thus this issue is perfect for fomenting rage and dissent, and perfect for try to start a race war. Obviously, that would be a very effective destabilization result.

There is nothing “organic” about the flood of negative propaganda in social media and cyber space on either of these issues. Five minutes on Twitter for any “trending” controversy, terror, or shooting event will make you nauseous from the calculated barrage of negativity and hate. This methodology is quite deliberate, and effective at capitalizing on fears and misconceptions many people already had to begin with. It’s no accident that the ‘protest organizers’ and the myriad protest causes have all evolved exponentially in their ability to instantly propagate issues around the world, make them instantly trend, and force media coverage. It’s also no accident that ISIS is the most successful and sophisticated of these operations (incorporating all that has been learned from a decade of field testing and development from all of the other #OpEvents), or that it is likely the most successful social media ad campaign – period.

So, the first thing media, law enforcement, and society in general have to do, is stop separating these events as “lone wolf” or “self-radicalized” – anything. There’s nothing isolated about this elaborate manipulation at all, and the damage done by pretending it is, is incalculable. When media and law enforcement start scrutinizing events as an isolated incident and start deliberating over the crumbs of clues that have been left for them to find, they announce to the perpetrators that the still have no idea of the actual source, and that they still don’t understand the collective design that is not only right in front of them – but that announces itself with the identical (or repurposed, rebranded) tactics time after time. Until media and law enforcement recognize they are being elaborated duped and manipulated into perpetuating strawman misdirection (and stop failing to recognize the larger goal of destabilizing the country itself), then the perpetrators have no reason to fear being discovered, and no reason to stop manufacturing events. Until the media recognizes and starts discussing this clear and present Social Media psychological manipulation of society – division, anger, and confusion will continue to grow until it reaches its intended conclusion.

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