“When you’re waging unconventional warfare (and it‘s only unconventional to those on whom the war is being waged, and this war is being waged on the American Public), what you do is you put your operatives in that in-between space (i.e. Social Media / Twitter). If you have a democracy, or what little remains of it, and you want to have a system of governance based on facts and rule of law, it’s essential that you have access to the facts in order to have informed consent – in order to know who to vote for, what to embraces, that sort of thing. So what this group did, this syndicate, is they focused an enormous amount of attention focusing on media. If you focus on advancing a narrative through dominance in the media, pop culture, politics, think tanks, and education, then you can induce people to embrace a narrative that they themselves can’t really see that they’re embracing because it’s the screen, the sort of frame from which they now perceive their world. So, you’ll notice how we seamlessly segwayed between a Cold War fighting against ‘people who hate our values,’ to a ‘War on Terror’ fighting against ‘people who hate our values.’" Jeff Gates


We’ve all seen far too many lives lost at the hands of this continuous and evolving attack on this country, so I beg you to take the time to understand this. Motive, impetus, and organization for the assassination of officers in Baton Rouge, Dallas, and the string of terrorist shootings we’ve had in this country, are everyone’s focus now. After so many sophisticated, similar, seemingly coordinated, and continuous attacks, the strawman misdirection Lone Wolf Myth isn’t satisfying anyone anymore. Both the community and law enforcement want answers on who is actually orchestrating all of this.

The fact of the matter is not only can this organizational structure be explained, but the origins and development can be identified as well.

Let me start with a few quotes from CNN coverage this morning:

“What we witnessed in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Baton Rouge was a collapse of the social order. So many of the actions of the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter transcends peaceful protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on. I call it Anarchy.” - Sherriff David A Clarke

“Let's face it. There are people who are going to be destabilized if there is inflammatory language. Folks have a constitutional right to protest, but it can be a peaceful protest that is appropriate. I ran into peaceful protesters who were shaking hands with police officers, waving to them, bringing them drinks. That is appropriate. On the other hand, if there is inflammatory or incendiary language that can take someone who is unstable and tip them over, that is what we need to all avoid. Now is not the time for that language, if there is ever a time for that language.” - Sen. Bill Cassidy

“Some are trying to use this moment to divide police and the communities you serve.” – President Barrack Obama 

These three men are looking directly at the issue, but not seeing the magnitude. We all know people are ‘influenced’ by inflammatory rhetoric, but suppose that rhetoric is entirely intentional? Suppose someone wanted to deliberately influence a society by finding or creating a sensitive issue, and fueling both sides of that issue with inflammatory rhetoric to create division? Suppose they then wanted to use that outrage to stage protest and destabilization operations? There’s nothing hypothetical about this. It exists right now. All law enforcement has to do to know where the next upcoming destabilization operations are going to be, is check the latest pastebin from Anonymous.

AnonOps ‏@anonopsofficial

#Anonymous declares 'day of action' in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter >> http://bit.ly/29ODSWp 

Anonymous GHOPS ‏@AnonGHOPS Jul 15

NYPD Captain: You Need To Arrest More Black Guys (AUDIO) http://bit.ly/29CKoN0  #Anonymous #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter

Anonymous GHOPS ‏@AnonGHOPS Jul 15

Black Ohio Cop to Prejudiced White Officers: Take the Uniform Off and Put on KKK Hoodie http://bit.ly/29Wx4oy  #Anonymous #BlueLivesMatter

There are (theoretically) 65 million Twitter users in the United States. There are (theoretically) 310 Million Twitter users worldwide. Yet there are 1.2 Billion registered Twitter user accounts. That means there is a “phantom” population of 900 million Twitter accounts (three times the ‘actual’ population on Twitter) that can be used to flood Twitter with any desired propaganda or “appearance of social media opinion or outrage.” When people see an incendiary tweet, do people attempt to do a background check to see if the account holder is “real?” When people see a thousand other accounts echoing the same sentiment, do they do a background check on all one thousand accounts? Of course not. People ‘assume’ it is real people and real opinion, and are thus heavily influenced and further polarized by it. Certainly the media thinks it is real, because they report it as real every day.

Ever notice that after every event that conveniently sparks violence, that no matter how many times government officials, police officials, religious leaders, and the victims’ families themselves call for people to stop the violence, that inflammatory rhetoric not only doesn’t decrease – but exponentially increases? This is how and why that systematically happens. A real population wouldn’t be this uniformly callous. It increases systematically in order to drown out the calls for peace, and to deliberately foment more violence and division.

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