“When you’re waging unconventional warfare (and it‘s only unconventional to those on whom the war is being waged, and this war is being waged on the American Public), what you do is you put your operatives in that in-between space (i.e. Social Media / Twitter). If you have a democracy, or what little remains of it, and you want to have a system of governance based on facts and rule of law, it’s essential that you have access to the facts in order to have informed consent – in order to know who to vote for, what to embraces, that sort of thing. So what this group did, this syndicate, is they focused an enormous amount of attention focusing on media. If you focus on advancing a narrative through dominance in the media, pop culture, politics, think tanks, and education, then you can induce people to embrace a narrative that they themselves can’t really see that they’re embracing because it’s the screen, the sort of frame from which they now perceive their world. So, you’ll notice how we seamlessly segwayed between a Cold War fighting against ‘people who hate our values,’ to a ‘War on Terror’ fighting against ‘people who hate our values.’" Jeff Gates


For a solid month we’ve heard this term applied to a new event, almost every other day. As a matter of fact, we’ve been hearing it for the last several years. Yet this is the first government official I’ve heard draw this obvious and logical conclusion.

"I believe today that the "Lone Wolf" myth (which means a terrorist who sets up an operation by himself) is a convenient one that doesn't really exist. Regarding the radicalization process, we are not certain today if the perpetrator went through it, but he shows a certain number of signs he went through it. However I don't believe in a Lone Wolf deciding one morning to get up, pick up a truck, and kill the greatest number of people he could. I think these people are indoctrinated, that they are parts of networks, that they are in cells, and that they are supported." - Mayor Philippe Pradal (Nice, France)

Why do media and law enforcement say it "appears" he (or any of these terrorists) didn't have any contact with any groups? Between the Dark web and a mountain of encryption apps, of course it "appears" he wasn't in contact with any groups. One of these apps everyone should already be familiar with. Snapchat encrypts and erases messages without a trace and ships with pretty much every smartphone, so of course there is no trace. Why do "investigators" keep telling us what the perpetrator's Facebook page says… as if THAT is where communications with any groups (or handlers) would be happening?

Both media and law enforcement need to stop viewing these terrorist events as individual "crazies," recognize them as easily influenced / manipulated pawns, and see the commonality. The way these attacks are planned and how these terrorists are trained can easily be traced to a single source methodology. The only way to do anything about continuing and escalating terror events is to stop chasing strawmen, and start talking about the command and control that operates them.

Here are some key points from a relatively recent Brookings Report:

CIA director Brennan blames social media for strength of ISIS.

Much of ISIS’s social media success can be attributed to a relatively small group of hyperactive users, numbering between 500 and 2,000 accounts, which tweet in concentrated bursts of high volume.

ISIS-supporting accounts had an average of about 1,000 followers each, considerably higher than an ordinary Twitter user. ISIS-supporting accounts were also considerably more active than non-supporting users.

“Scripted oddities” of Islamic State propaganda. Suarez noted the professional camera, editing and software skills of IS and its internet sophistication and video uploading capabilities. “ISIS has all the above including social media capabilities. Amazingly, these covered-face killers have unraveled the secret of how to out¬smart every world power including the U.S. with regard to every form of communication. They have stomped out the U.S. military, NSA, CIA, NATO, U.N., U.K., etc.”

Obama is calling for a concerted effort to shut down the Islamic State’s “sophisticated and slickly produced propaganda,” CBS New York reports. CBS claims the IS “propaganda machine produces as many as 90,000 posts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms every single day.”

Increasingly over the last seven years, numerous Middle East countries have fallen to “Twitter Revolutions.” Countless “Twitter Protests” have swept across the country, all exhibiting an instant and massive ‘unity’ of opinion and sentiment unlike any single movement we’ve ever seen before. Media gets news from and reports trends on Twitter as if it is actual reflection of society. However, here are some statistics that should dispel that delusion immediately.

65 million users in the United States

310 million “people” use Twitter every day

1.2 Billion Twitter user accounts exist

5% of users accounted for 75% of all activity

32% of all tweets made by the most active Twitter users were generated by machine bots that posted more than 150 tweets/day. The actual percentage of machine-generated tweets among the most active users is probably higher than 32% because there are many bots that update less than 150 times/day.

In all of the United States, the home of twitter, there are 65 million users. The fact that 4 times the entire Twitter population of the United States supposedly uses Twitter every day is one thing, but the fact that there are 18 times the number of users in the United States registered on Twitter speaks (or screams) volumes.

Why do these additional billion accounts exist? They exist as an “Artificial Social Media Population” to spread false information, to ‘create’ news, to foment uprising and protest, and to inspire and train terrorists.

For a more detailed look at how Artificial Social Media Populations work, see the following examples: (Article 1, Article 2)

This is how “Lone Wolfs” are trained and “Radicalized” on-line. The evolution of on-line training and dissemination of “Peaceful Protest,” Civil Disobedience, Guerilla Warfare, and Terrorism Tactics have been propagated in plain sight for any Law Enforcement agency to investigate – for the last seven years.

The prototype and number one example of this methodology was the #IranEelction operation in 2009. Everyone is familiar with the string of #ArabSpring hashtag #Ops, and this was the first major operation driven on Twitter.

The Website developed for that operation, incorporated and developed all of the kinds of resources that would subsequently be used in every single Arab Spring Revolution, every Anonymous Operation, every Occupy “Peaceful Protest,” and every #BlackLivesMatter “Peaceful Protest” (and accompanying destabilization operation). As you can see from the links below, this is anything but a list of resources collected by “Iranian Students” during their “Grassroots Peaceful Protest.”



wikipedia – Iran
CIA World Factbook – Iran
Translate English to Farsi
Translate Farsi to English
Iranian embassies around the world
Why green?
Foreign Relations of Iran
Tehran Election News


Anonymous Forum – Iran
Tear gas guide for protestors
Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques & Procedures
Tactical Empoyment of Non-Lethal Weapons
Miltary Police Leaders’ Handbook
Command and Control of Army Forces
Urban Operations Manual
Unit Movement Operations
Movement Control
Combat Skills of the Soldier
Civil Disturbances
Battle Focused Training
Training the force
Staff Organization, and Operations
Staff Officers’ Manual


Al Jazeera
Google News
LA Times – Iran
LA Times – Babylon
Reporters Without Borders
Yahoo! News


Neda Agha-Soltani
Ayatollah Salid Ali Khamenei
Mir-Hossein Mousavi@facebook
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Manouchehr Mottaki
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani
Imprisoned Journalists and Politicians

Source: BahrainOp – Greenthumbnails


Emergency Medical Info (Farsi & English)
Embassies in Tehran accepting injured
Red Crescent – Iran
How to perform phlebotomy (DIY Bloodbank)
CPR For Infants
Trauma – Symptoms and Treatment
First Aid for Soldiers (US ARMY 1988)
Special Wounds
Psychological Reactions
Medical Platoon Leaders’ Handbook
Medical Company – Tactics & Techniques
Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations
Combat Stress Control – Leaders’ Manual
Chemical & Biological Contamination Avoidance
Treatment of Biological Warfare Casualties
Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties


Cyberwar guide for Iran
How to setup a web proxy server
Verify a proxy server
RE: Lines of Communication
Encrypted SSH Tunneling
Tor: Anonymity Online
How to set up a Tor relay
Communications in a ’Come As You Are’ War
Tactical LAN Management
Communication in Repressive Environments
DIY Nightvision Video Camera
DIY Infrared Intruder Alert System
DIY Parabolic Microphone
DIY USB Camera to Video Telescope
DIY WiFi Super Antenna
#iranelection @Twitter


10 Incredible YouTube Videos
Militia squad gives up and runs away







This elaborate and sophisticated list of resources that includes things like CIA World Factbook – Iran, Anonymous Forum – Iran, Translate English to Farsi, Tear gas guide for protestors, Tactical Empoyment of Non-Lethal Weapons, Command and Control of Army Forces, Urban Operations Manual, Unit Movement Operations, Combat Skills of the Soldier, Civil Disturbances, Battle Focused Training, Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations, Treatment of Biological Warfare Casualties, Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties, How to setup a web proxy server, Verify a proxy server, Encrypted SSH Tunneling, How to set up a Tor relay, Tactical LAN Management, DIY Nightvision Video Camera, DIY Infrared Intruder Alert System, DIY Parabolic Microphone, Communications in a ’Come As You Are’ War, and Cyberwar guide for Iran, were obviously not collected by "Iranian Students" trying to organize "Peaceful Protest" in Iran. These are tactical and sophisticated remote uprising and destabilization resources, to train guerillas in their own country, for use against their own governments. Yet this evident and obvious foreign intelligence remote control regime-change operation was sold to media and the public as "leaderless grassroots uprising" originating from a handful of Iranian Students. This is the deceitful and overtly fake foundation of the "Peaceful Protest" meme that has been cover for every subversive regime-change operation all over the planet.

People wanted to believe it was a group of Iranian students “spontaneously uprising” against the “evil dictator,” so for the most part they did. That is how these operations are marketed and that is their strength. People wanted to believe it was “spontaneous uprising” in Iran, people wanted to believe it was “spontaneous uprising” all during Arab Spring, people wanted to believe it was “spontaneous uprising” all through Occupy Wall Street, and people want to believe it is “spontaneous uprising” now with Black Lives Matter. The fact of the matter it is wasn’t “Spontaneous Peaceful Protest” the first time in Iran, it hasn’t been spontaneous any of the thousand times it has been replicated since then either. All are simply continuing rollouts and rebranding of this core operation methodology.

This method of covert training, “protest,” and attack was reproduced for every single Arab Spring Revolution, and was reproduced for #OccupyWallStreet. Before it was OccupyWallStreet however, it had a brand name more directly taken from Arab Spring: USDOR (U.S. Day Of Rage). “Day of Rage” was common slogan and hashtag component throughout Arab Spring.

Below is the US Day Of Rage website. As you can see, the type of resources (although slightly modified, updated, and considerably toned down) are the same type of resources provided on the greenthumbnails website.



Note that you can see an additional tactic and function introduced here, that is also now a ubiquitous part of news, reporting, and protest. Almost every news story includes cell phone video from someone at the scene, and that “practice” didn’t spontaneous develop either. Here you can see "Souveillance" stressed as an operational imperative. Video everything. “If it isn't captured on video or photographs, it didn't happen." This tactic has been the foundational building block for every single "Protest" event in the last several years. In simple terms the strategy is 1) Find (or create) an event on video that will cause public outcry, 2) propagate it using large clusters of automated accounts, 3) Force media to cover the event, 4) Organize and stage "Peaceful Protest," 5) Use the "Peaceful Protest" as both component and cover for Civil Disobedience, Destabilization, and Terror attacks, 6) Use the people and their incited rage to weaken and collapse their own government, military, and police forces.

This method of capitalizing on (or creating) “martyrs” for a cause was also developed during the #IranElection prototype, and clearest and foundational example of it was the Manufactured Martyr Neda.



Finally here is more proof that regardless of the individual operation or protest, there is always one single source and methodology driving it. Below we see that underneath the #BlackLivesMatter cover, it is once again Anonymous orchestrating and running the destabilization operations scheduled for this Friday. Like clockwork, there will be more elaborate effort to shut down roadways and communities, and more continuous incitement of violence. You can also see in this article the reimplementation of the original meme / slogan / call-to-arms "Day of Rage." - Group (Anonymous) Calls For BLM ‘Day Of Rage’ Protests Friday In 37 Cities



I'll close with just a couple of examples of this methodology in practice. This first video (Myth of Peaceful Protest) shows the results of the tactics and training outlined here, during #IranElection and #ArabSpring. The second video show how the identical tactics and training were rebranded for #OccupyWallStreet. The third video playlist shows examples of these destabilization tactics over months of implementation.

Let's be very clear. The same methodology that toppled numerous Middle East governments (leaving them open for multiple brands of of terrorism to move in and take control) is exactly the same methodology that is being used again the United States. The issues being capitalized on are always tailored to the the individual country, but the objective (destabilization and remote control regime change from within) has been overwhelmingly consistent.This country has been under attack from this particular method of social media psyop war for seven years now, and local, state, and national, and international law enforcement need to understand this.

These tactics and destabilization methods will look very familiar to anyone in law enforcement who has had any dealing with “Peaceful Protest” operations. Particularly if you were involved in any of the (planned) outbreaks of violence. No matter how many people call for unity, togetherness, and peace, we can expect to see these same methods (throwing rocks / concrete, burning tires, Molotov cocktails, blocking off roadways and highways to cut off communities and #ShutItDown, etc.) continue to steadily increase. It is not by accident, it is by design, and until law enforcement becomes educated in the methods and tactics being employed again them (in every country), they will continue to be ineffective at predicting, defusing, and most importantly, isolating the real handlers and perpetrators of this perpetual incitement and destabilization methodology. Failure to recognize, understand, and counter this clear, present, and active threat is not an option. I urge any and all in law enforcement to and begin your education immediately.

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